Monday, July 1, 2013

Kitchenaid Makeover

A few months ago, I got a text from my husband saying "hey! Do you want a kitchenaid?!" A kitchenaid was the thing I think I wanted most off my registry, but I knew it was too pricey to even dream about. I, of course, told him yes! After all, it was a free kitchenaid. And then, I was told it was industrial sized, 6 quarts, huge, and a nasty dark gray. He brought it home and it sat on the floor in the spare room as I debated selling it and buying a cuter small one. 

A month or so later, I found a chocolate chip cookie recipe (I'm a chocolate chip cookie snob!) that I had to try, and I pulled that gray beast out. It didn't take long for me to fall in love with the size of the beast, but nothing was going to change my feelings on the color. 

And then, I did what I do with everything else, and I googled "spray paint kitchenaid." And it changed my kitchenaid-loving life! 

Do you hate the color of your kitchenaid? Did you love the color when you first bought and hate it now? Does it look out of place after you changed your kitchen decor? SPRAY PAINT IT! I was shocked at how easy and quick the process was and I couldn't love it more. 

Here's what you'll need:
{a} painters tape
{b} sandpaper (I used a block)
{c} screwdriver
{d} color spray paint (with primer) of your choice
{e} sealer of your choice

And here's how I did it:

{1} I cleaned the ENTIRE thing. Don't skip this step. If you don't clean it, it will show up. I even took the time to clean the parts that I wasn't going to be painting. 

{2} I took off all removable parts. On my industrial sized mixer, there were only two items to remove: the kitchenaid band (the screw is on the back)
and the piece in the middle of the "slider" that locks the bowl in place.

(Read the link at the bottom for the traditional sized kitchenaid. There's more parts to take off and take care of)

{3} Tape off all electrical parts, screws, knobs, and anything else you don't want painted such as the attachment cover, the lever (industrial sized only), and the cord.

Oh yes. And I taped over where the kitchenaid band goes so as to not paint over the warning. Heaven forbid I forget to unplug my kitchenaid before taking it apart!

I taped a good portion of the cord and tucked the rest into a ziplock bag.

Not shown: I taped the knob on the speed adjuster as well. 

{4} You're ready to paint! Another huge benefit to painting your kitchenaid is the endless possibility of color options. I've heard that Rustoleum Epoxy paints for appliances holds up best, but the color options aren't cute so I went with a cute blue Valspar with primer to help it adhere to metal and you can get a sealer to help keep it nice! You can get a flat sealer, satin, or gloss. I thought a satin would be cute and different so that is what I went with. The guy at the home improvement store said it would work really well and not be a problem. 

I set up shop in my open garage with a plastic drop cloth and got to work! Up to this point, the project took maybe 20 minutes. 

Now that it was in the garage, I sanded it. SUPER important step to make the paint stick. I took a sandpaper block to it and lightly sanded every surface I wanted painted. We joked that it was too late to turn back now! Be sure you really want to paint it before you do this.

Then, the fun part! Shake your color paint can, and SPRAY the whole thing. Cover it, but do an even, thin coat. Wait 5 minutes and SPRAY it again! I just did 2 coats because if you do too many, it will bubble. Two was enough for me. (Also, if you have the industrial sized mixer, the "slider" will cover a portion of the middle stand so make sure to paint it so that all parts that could potentially show are painted. Let the paint dry before you move it up, and then spray the bottom part. Also, it's not a problem to paint the tracks that it moves on. Easier to paint it than to tape it.) I waited 45 minutes and then sprayed two coats of the sealer each 5 minutes apart. Wait another 45 minutes to an hour for it to dry and you're done! 

{5} Gently pull off all the tape and put your parts back on and you are set! I hope you love yours as much as I love mine!

And now if only I could get my hands on one of those adorable clear glass mixing bowls! 

Link to the traditional sized kitchenaid for help with parts removal:

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask in the comments or shoot us an email!


  1. Hi Marie!
    Those Creepy Crawley's sent me!! :)

    Now I know what to do with my old white one. Thanks for sharing this.


    1. Thanks for stopping by Wendy!:) let me know if you have any questions! It really is so much easier than it seems!

  2. Such a fantastic idea! We have a similar industrial model, and I would love to do this. :)